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23. Eilish Gilligan

24 Sep

More than ten years have passed since a set of tiny little fingers; not even six-years old, had their first touch of a piano. As she explored the plethora of different notes and enjoyed playing with the instrument’s three pedals, Eilish Gilligan had no idea that the sounds she played on her grandmother’s piano would later turn into the breathtaking music she created within the walls of the Victorian College of the Arts or with her band, Nebraskatak.
An accomplished singer and pianist, Eilish’s talents have forced her to succeed in all of her endeavours. At the age of twelve, she received a music scholarship to her high-school before reaching 8th grade in AMEB piano. Furthermore, in 2010, she was the first-prize winner in the Victorian Government’s VicRocks competition for her original song ‘Party In My Head’ not only scoring her a $3000 voucher to Billy Hyde, but the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals at ‘The Push’ and ‘Freeza’.
Music is not only a love of Eilish’s… but her way of life. Describing it as “the closest thing (she) knows to divine experience”; Eilish loves and appreciates the ability of sound to convey emotions and stories, and allow for an element of liberation and escapism to appear in our everyday lives. We all feel trapped and overwhelmed at times by life’s everyday stresses, which is why music is beneficial to us all, irrespective of how tone deaf we may be!
“It’s the ultimate comfort, it’s there when you are ecstatic or devastated – it will never stop loving you, or leave and never come back. It’s constant and completely intangible yet has the power to bring us to our knees”.
Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Matilda Wormwood acting as some of her role-models, Eilish now hopes to keep others going with her blog that she has prided herself on writing for two years. Having started off as a means of practising her writing, the blog is now intended to spark people’s imaginations and reach out to their interests. She updates it daily, posting photographs, lyrics and poetry allowing her to fulfil her passions of art, writing and music all in the one activity!
Eilish cannot imagine herself doing anything other than writing and performing music. In her eyes, as long as she can create a sense of honesty within her music, perhaps a piece that someone can make a connection with through the use of relatable, comforting and beautiful stories, she will consider herself to be extremely successful.
Gaining her experience from her five-member indie pop band as well as her knowledge from her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (Interactive Composition) at the University of Melbourne ensure that we will see a great deal more of Eilish Gilligan in the future.
You can find Elish’s blog at http://eilish-gilligan.blogspot.com.au/

Words By:Annalisa Cercone

Photo by: Sean Porter