74. Michael Sibillin

27 Dec


Michael is a bright, charismatic 20-year-old costume extraordinaire.  He is “on the autism spectrum”, which means he understands and processes the world around him a bit differently, but as Michael assures me, “I’m not shy or anything at all!” He and his bubbly mother Nadia live in the city of Darebin, but he attended the Concord School, Bundoora and is helping spread his passion with school communities.

Michael first began creating costumes 6 years ago, where “he started making little things such as figurines and boots.”  He wanted to “learn patience… learn how to research, and pay attention to little details.” Nadia leans forward and explains how people with autism tend to “grip onto”  one topic and study it obsessively. When Michael started making costumes he made Power Rangers outfits, a colourful team of superheros who have a long time TV show.

Passion helped Michael figure out how to “use cardboard, glad wrap, glue, duct tape, stick on diamonds, and sequins” to create costumes that are both “functionable and wearable.” Michael tells me that he achieved his first wearable costume a few years ago when “I made a Bowser mask that had a moveable mouth.” Bowser is a Mario-Kart video game character that is close to Michael’s heart. He was enthralled with making “functional and wearable costumes”  and Bowser’s snout was the perfect place to start embarking on this endeavour.

However, nothing comes close to his latest passion and costume inspiration; the legendary rock band KISS. Michael is fixated with the Creatures of The Night and Dynasty eras and album, most well-known for giving lead singer Gene Simmons his demonic face look. He made a Gene Simmons costume with spikes and boots that is incredibly lifelike. His costuming prowess has landed him a potential exhibition project at Jets Studio, a creative youth focussed studio in Bundoora.

Michael enjoys playing and teaching himself guitar in the Jets band, Kings of Lightning and is “excited for my first gig” which is soon approaching. He says playing guitar is a big part of his life, and he has met many music and rock loving friends this way. Michael also gave a talk at West Reservoir Primary School, helping the kids “make foil people, using things you’d never think of using normally.”

Michael hopes he can continue his costume building and figurine making well into the future, inspiring and helping the community all the while.

His advice for any young or beginner costume designer and makers is make a costume of something you like, as this is what keeps the extra hard work in the early days more fun!

Words: Taylor Carre-Riddell

Photo: Sean Porter


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