22. Waterdale Theatre

23 Jul

It was obvious early on that Shane Sanfilippo; founder and current president, would lead Waterdale Theatre to great things.

Shortly a year and a half after starting off as a West Heidelberg Youth Group in 2004, Waterdale had already grown to become a large, independently funded volunteer company that looked beyond financial barriers to provide many theatrical opportunities for all.

Staying true at heart to its original intentions, Waterdale provides a means for all young people to positively express themselves in an interesting an uplifting environment.

As a result of involving around 100 17-26 year olds in the average production, their rehearsal space at Parade College, Bundoora is simply bursting with energy and enthusiasm every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. From auditioning to become a lead or ensemble member, to helping to provide a delicious snack during intermission, there’s a way for absolutely anybody to get involved whether they be at a professional, semi-professional or absolute beginner level.

As well as helping the organisation to grow, contributing to Waterdale will also allow you to challenge yourself as a person and try new things. Their nurturing environment places an emphasis on what’s best for ‘you’ and it’s remarkable to see how much people grow as performers from the beginning to the end of a production.

“There’s no better way to learn than to be surrounded by people as passionate as you are”- Kathleen Amarant, Waterdale cast member.

Following their performances of renowned musicals such as AnnieJesus Christ SuperstarFame, Beauty and the Beast, and their first show: Little Shop of Horrors, was their second production of 2012; Into the Woods. It is a story following the unknown events of some of our favourite fairy tales: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding hood, and the characters’ quest with the Baker and Baker’s wife to reverse a witch’s curse. With just 12 short weeks of preparation and a small cast of 20, the quality of the production exemplified the profound dedication and professionalism of all involved.

This year Waterdale Theatre will also coordinate the ‘Construct- Original Theatre’ project. This initiative allows absolutely anyone to present their own original piece of theatre, whether it be a play, dance or live art piece, and gives the chosen top 10 the chance to perform and be supported by some of the industry’s leaders.

If you’re interested in theatre of just want to try something new, then Waterdale Theatre. is the perfect starting point no matter who you are! They’re always looking for new members so for more information, visit their website at www.waterdale.org.au

Words By:Annalisa Cercone

Photo by: Sean Porter


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