18. Anushka Phal

6 Feb


When you walk past Anushka in the school yard, she comes across as an everyday teenager. After ten minutes of conversation with her, you discover she is much more than an everyday teenager and has huge and inspiring dreams to help and support people in need.

Anushka is a New Zealandborn Indo-Fijian( better known as Fiji Indian). She migrated to Australiawhen she was 8 years old with her parents and her little brother. She speaks both Hindi and English. Her family are her biggest inspiration, especially her grandfather and the stories she hears about him and how he has influenced so many people in a positive way and have supported so many people. Unfortunately for Anushka, her grandfather and the rest of her extended family live back inFiji.

At the tender age of 16, Anushka has already helped many people and raised a significant amount of money. Her latest project is called ‘A Drop of Clean Water Please’.  “A Drop of Clean Water” is the name of my campaign page which I opened through mycharitywater.org. This organisation allows individuals to open campaigns and help raise money for their cause- which was to build wells in villages that do not have clean water sources.”

Anushka made posters and posted them around her school promoting her fundraising efforts. She also set up a Facebook page with more information about her campaign, made presentations at school assemblies and made personal approaches to teachers, family and friends.  In 60 days she raised over $600 which is enough money to provide 32 people in a developing country with access to clean water. Anushka plans to fundraise for The Brosnan Centre and the Fred Hollows foundation in the future.

Anushka said experiences in her life such as losing her grand aunt in 2010 and seeing people in difficult circumstances inFiji motivated her to reach out to others. “It is my passion to help others, be it a small favour or a charity campaign.” This is amazing coming from a teenager, as most teenagers are busy pursuing personal interests and hanging out with their friends.

This years Anushka is going to complete year 12 at LoyolaCollege. She will be studying Business Management, Chemistry, Literature, Further Maths and Psychology. She plans to go to university and study Optometry because her life ambition is to work for the Fred Hollows Foundation inFiji.

Anushka is a great person with a positive attitude. She has very high personal standards and is a great role model for other teenagers. She believes one person can make a difference. It is only a matter of time before more people come to benefit from Anushka’s efforts.

Words By:Lewis Harry

Photo by: Melanie Price 


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