4. Lucas Haynes

26 Jul

If you were to open thirteen year old Lucas Haynes’ wardrobe door you would find yourself not in Narnia, but surrounded by a film inspired shrine expressing his lifelong passion. You would see a collage of his favourite movies, a monster suit from the set of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, a signed Tim Burton book, Disney World trading pins and a colourful assortment of other movie memorabilia collected alongside his own acting experience. You could call it a movie obsession, but for Lucas, it’s an outlet, a way of thinking and his passageway to forward momentum.

Living with dyslexia and reduced reading and writing capabilities, at a young age Lucas turned to film as his preferred form of media. He fell in love and has not looked back since. From analysing and storyboarding movies, to acting and directing, Lucas imbeds his creative streak into every experience and opportunity he encounters. He explains that what his brain missed out on in the ‘written language department’ was compensated back to the part of his mind responsible for creativity, enhancing his perception. “I can see things kind of differently; I can visualize my ideas and just don’t find it as hard as someone else to come up with them.”

With a long resume already up his sleeve, Lucas speaks enthusiastically about all his acting experience, unable to pick favourites, just describing any movie set as a place like no other. He appreciates every opportunity presented to him as an exciting chance to “do something [he] wouldn’t normally do”, for instance, jumping into a pit of chocolate for the film ‘Cake’. His grin is especially wide as he talks about his work as double for the main character in Spike Jones’ ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ where “a whole mass of people came together to work on one fantastic project”.

Inspired by Woody Allen, Lucas has also delved into the directing field, recently receiving great response for his short film ‘Nothing more, Nothing Less’ entered in the film festival ‘Little Big Shots’. Through the self based main character, he uses this film to explore his own journey with dyslexia, and to show the importance of accepting oneself. Faced with a decision to rid his disability via a ‘miracle pill’, in the film he chooses to take it but he “loses his creative self, and is left unfulfilled and unhappy,” explaining why he wouldn’t choose to do so in real life.

Whilst Lucas now has an outstanding grasp on self affirmation, he has encountered many hardships related to his dyslexia in the past and to this very day. He is however lucky enough to be blessed with an extremely supportive school, family and friends. He is aware it is this stable foundation that has given him the strength to truly grow and nurture his talent and also realizes that not everyone is as lucky as he is. “Some others, or others with disabilities, don’t have the kind of support that I do and I would like to extend a hand to as many people as I can with the money that I get from acting.”

Inspired and inspiring, Lucas Haynes is a tremendous example of how learning to love yourself can enable you to do great things. He offers a wisdom that many people go their entire lives unable to comprehend. “Accept yourself and realise that you only have one life, so make the most of it. Find a passion and really stick at it, don’t stop no matter what anyone says…It’s not about what other people think, it’s about your own life and what you want in it.” Lucas will continue to pursue acting and directing with all his heart, and the new projects he has on the way are eagerly awaited.

Words by : Alannah McLaughlin

Photos by : Sean Porter (www.seanporter.com.au)

© Sean Porter 2011


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